Foundation Photo Shoot

Before we sold our first home, we asked a good friend to take a series of photos for us that best describes our life currently. If you missed the first session, you can view it here

Below is the second session in our series of three + we are absolutely thrilled with what she captured. Building a home is stressful but so fun as you can see. ūüíõ

Photos courtesy of Maria Smal Photography

A letter to the new owners of 8618…

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photo credit: Maria Smal Photography 

We will officially lock the doors on our first home for the last time on Thursday. Even just typing that creates¬†a huge lump in my throat. For the last 2.5 years, our little 8618 has been a place of firsts. And with that, here’s a letter to the new owners:

We are so happy that your little family is about to make our home yours. We sincerely hope that this house gives you everything it has given us in the past 2.5 years + more. Your nextdoor neighbors are¬†some of the kindest people – keep an eye on them for us. When the weather is nice, the neighborhood girls¬†will most likely leave their bikes in the driveway +¬†play by¬†the tree in the front yard¬†– enjoy this + say hi to them. The house may be cozy, but throw parties – the deck in the backyard is the best hostess. The firepit (+ a couple bottles of wine) is the best cure for¬†a rough day. And don’t worry too much if the grass gets too long – it just means you’re spending time on the more important things. But most of all, remember that “love grows best in little houses, with fewer walls to separate; where you can eat + sleep so close together you can’t help but to communicate; + if we had more room between us think of all we’d miss; love grows best in little houses just like this.”

And to our sweet, little 8618 – thank you.
Thank you for providing us 2.5 years of firsts, withstanding storms, providing comfort¬†+ helping us grow. We’ve enjoyed our time in the city limits, but it’s time we go back to our roots.

xo . t

Trusting & Trying

Here’s what I believe: When something is going¬†really good¬†in life + you are truly happy, Satan slithers his way in + tries to knock you down. I’ve been letting this happen way too much lately. Let me explain a little more; here’s what happened Monday…

We were getting new carpet installed ¬†+ were signing with our contractor to begin the building process of our forever-home at the same time. Total¬†cloud 9 moment. Then we got a phone call saying our carpet installation wasn’t going the way we¬†planned. In moments like this, I usually say a little Sunday School phrase from back in the day, “I believe in Jesus, Satan take a hike!” Because I truly believe that declaring my love + belief in the Lord will wash away all the bad ju-ju happeneing in that moment. But wouldn’t ya know, that wasn’t the end of it. Throughout the day, we had thing after thing happen to throw us off of the path that we put ourselves on. And that was the problem. We were trying to control the situation instead of just sitting back + letting Him take over. We had opportunity after opportunity to give into the temptation of getting upset about the “bad” things happening (not going to lie, I let it get to me a couple of times) instead of focusing on the good + exciting leaps we were taking.

We’re now two days past those bumps in the road + we have beautiful new carpet, our home is officially on the market, and we’re projected to move into our forever-home in December. So it leads me to wonder why it’s so hard to just¬†trust that things are going to be okay instead of letting those tiny stressers in life take over. Because there’s a lot of good happening in our life right now… we’re getting ready to sell our first house, we’re in the process of building our forever-home, we both love our jobs, ¬†my list could go on + on.

So here’s to trusting + trying.
May we all choose to celebrate the good in life + overcome the bad.

xo . t

We Are (all) Wickham

Matthew + I moved into our first¬†home in September 2015. In¬†2 1/2 years we’ve learned¬†a lot about¬†owning a house, creating a home + dealing with conflicts. And wouldn’t ya know… after 2 1/2 years of truly being¬†on our own, we’re about to move back in with our parents. Can’t you hear my enthusiasm?! All jokes aside, we are incredibly blessed to have the option of living with Matt’s parents while we build our dream house. So stay tuned, because I can promise some hiliarious/embarrassing/juicy stories will be coming in the next few (10!) months. Especially because Matt’s sister and her family will be moving in too!

For 10 months, most Wickham’s will be under one roof; giving¬†a whole new meaning to our “We Are Wickham” mindset. Let the never-ending family dinners begin!

But really, please don’t mistake my sarcasm for being ungrateful. We are so so thankful for this opportunity to live with family + save money.

XO . T

photo by: Mapel Creek Photography